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Community Wellbeing Care Vouchers

$45.00 - $500.00

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Community Wellbeing Care Vouchers:

Seeing our community looking to move forward after the fires we wanted to be able to give back directly to those who have been affected in the best way we know.

Our way of nurturing those in need is through giving people the time and space to just be within themselves. Our Community Wellbeing Care Vouchers are a way for us to be able to give treatments back to our communities.

By purchasing one of these vouchers you will be supporting us to pay a staff member for the time needed to offer someone in need 1 hour of relaxation and pampering, a facial, massage, pedicure or even some waxing if that is what that person would like, it is their choice. What is more important is that that person gets some time out from what is happening for them.

How you will be helping a Community post fire will be
- Allowing us to give these treatments to those in need.
- We have local contacts to get these to those that need them most.
- Supporting local business staff jobs in fire effected communities.
- Wellbeing care is so important in the long term recovery.
- Allowing us the means to donate our services.
- Our heartfelt thanks.

1hour Community Wellbeing Care Vouchers | $45

In the notes or instructions section in the check out please let us know the following:
1. Your name for us to be able to Thank you for your support
2. Message you would like to leave with the voucher for the recipient.
3. Your email address
4. Town you are from so we can share with the recipients how far and wide the care spans from.

Including this info will allow us to share with the recipients how others are thinking of them, and give them a much needed boost.